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20 Jul

Fissure sealants for caries prevention in Young Generation

Caries or tooth decay is a very common phenomenon amongst children and adolescent kids. If not taken care of in the first place, this issue can become the root cause of major cavity as well as terrible oral health for your kid in the near future. At MDS Dental Assisting Academy, we always suggest the elders, to ensure better oral health for your children and adolescent kids, it is necessary to check for caries and use fissure sealants in order to prevent the decay.

There have been many other methods that have been used. But as per the global experts, it is fissure sealants that are the most potential ones for the issues of caries. Now, how can this help you when applied? An experienced dentist will surely know about the process and the potential result. However, when you are taking your kids for this procedure, you need to know about it too, at least the fundamentals. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Who Should Receive Sealants?

There is no particular age bar as such. Till 18 years the sealant can be done. However, it should be done after the eruption of molar teeth. Various studies and researches say that placing sealants after 4 years of eruption is beneficial for the patient. Generally, RB and GIC sealants are used for the procedure. The retention of sealants can be ensured with the use of RB materials.

Does Fissure Sealants Really Prevent Caries?

In various researches, studies and clinical trials, it is evident that the risk of caries gets minimized considerably after the sealant has been placed in the right position and has been retained with RB materials. Generally, the sealant stays for 5- 9 years for children with a past history of caries.

Get Hands-On Experience on Placing Sealant

Being a dental assistant will offer you an opportunity to work with the dentist and get a hands-on experience of placing the fissure sealant and see how it can benefit your patient. you can also contribute to the process of placing sealant too with your insights and become capable to work in any kind of dental setting. So, choosing the career opportunity of a dental assistant can help you majorly.

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