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13 Jun

Should You Become a Pediatric Dental Assistant?

Do you fancy the idea of working as a pediatric dental assistant in California? Preschoolers and teenagers often have teething issues and pain due to wrong habits of brushing and eating chunks of chocolates. So, they need to go to the dentist’s office for cleaning, filling, and sealants. If you have the urge to help these kids overcome their teething troubles, here is the ultimate career optionfor you! MDS Dental Assisting Academy lets you know why choose dental assistant as a career and get ahead in life with the finest opportunities. We have been training candidates for over 25 years and have been churning out some of the most prized dental assistants in California.

Attending a school

To become a pediatric dental assistant you need to study the RDA program in a reputed school and pass the certification program. In MDS Dental Assisting Academy, students get the most out of the online Zoom lectures and the in-person classes that are specially scheduled on the weekends. So, even if you are in a full-time job, you may attend our on-site classes. What’s more, we offer training in an actual dentists’ office setting for you to learn how to handle the job in the dentist’s office.

What is pediatric dental care?

If you are keen to handle the treatment and maintenance of the teething problems of the kids, get the most out of the certification we offer. You will learn about the teething problems that children generally face in various stages of childhood. With the training we impart in the dental office setting, you will know how to assist the dentist and provide oral recommendations to the kids and their parents. Is a dental assistant a good career choice? MDS Dental assisting Academy has been the most trusted and authentic school to pursue your studies as a certified assistant for pediatric dentistry. Our instructors offer full-fledged training for you to render the best performance in the dentist’s office.

Things to know about pediatric dentistry

Are dental X-rays safe for children? Yes indeed but the assistants need to ensure that they are exposed to the least radiation. During our dental assistant certification classes, you will know how to take X-rays and stay prepared to be a part of the healthcare field. The pediatric assistants are for children aged 6 to 13 years, although parents prefer to stay in touch with them through their teen years.

As a pediatric dental assistant, you need to teach children and their parents about good oral practices and healthcare habits to keep the teething problems at bay. MDS Dental Assisting Academy has the right kind of courses to cater to your aspirations for a pediatric dental assistant. To get more info about the courses email or call 1-888-MDS-4-RDA (637-4732).


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