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Registered Dental Assistant
10 Oct

What Does A Registered Dental Assistant Do?

Dentists need to hire support staff to treat the patients and for that they hire registered dental assistants for a smooth flow of operations. They have the license and registration needed for the state in which they work. If you are planning to enroll in an RDA program, you have come to the right place. At MDS Dental Assisting Academy, we offer interactive RDA programs to prepare dental assisting students with extensive knowledge about their role in the dental industry. Our program will prepare you in length and depth and aid your new career as a dental professional along with on-the-job training.

Before you enroll in a registered dental assistant program, here is a snapshot of your duties. A registered dental assistant helps dentists in conducting dental procedures smoothly, perform basic dental treatments, and administrative duties. Furthermore, they offer advice to patients on the medications they require and things they need to follow to maintain good oral health. When it comes to organizing the dental records of patients for reference and sterilizing the tools and equipment required performing dental procedures, every dentist’s office needs to have a registered dental assistant for help.

Education of the dental assistant

The difference between registered dental assistants and certified dental assistants is in the educational requirements. They undergo training to perform clinical as well as administrative duties like preparing schedules of patients for future programs, preparing the clinical spaces, and assisting the dentist by handing them the instruments during the procedures. The registered dental assistants also administer anesthesia to patients. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is one of those institutes that offer online dental assistant programs California at perfect schedules.

Registered dental assistant responsibilities

The registered dental assistants offer dental care to patients in the treatment room, primarily through administrative tasks. From caring for patients in the treatment room to administrative tasks, they perform the following roles. They may enroll in online RDA programs and make sure that they can balance their learning program with the profession carefully.

  • Cleaning the tools and handing them over to dentists

  • Scheduling patient appointments

  • Ordering and assimilating the supplies

  • Completing the dental X-rays

  • Maintaining the records of patients in the dentist’s office

  • Performing basic cleaning tasks like taking out trash

  • The registered dental assistants usually work indoors in the office settings at the front desk or in treatment rooms and ensure that the setting is clean and comfortable

Are you keen to enroll in an advanced dental assisting academy? MDS Dental Assisting Academy is an institute where professional instructors invest in your success. Email to inquire about admissions or call 1-888-MDS-4-RDA (637-4732) to talk to our customer executives.

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