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Dental Assistant Program
23 May

Why a Dental Assistant Program Gives You a Rewarding Career Option?

Is your child stuck with an unsatisfying career? Do they feel unhappy about not having any challenges in their job? Are you looking for a program that will leave your kids with strong growth and high job security? If the answer to the above questions is yes, you have come to the right place. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is the best place to offer a good direction to your child’s career. We are one of the best schools offering dental assistant training near me. Here is why switching to a dental assistant course will leave your children in all smiles –

Dental Assistant Program

Flexible programs and courses

Your kids may not be ready to go for those onerous certification programs and put their lives on hold. They will rather choose rewarding career options, that come with challenges, and leave them time for handling their responsibilities. The certified dental assistant program offered at MDS Dental Assisting Academy brings you incredibly career-oriented courses. Besides, we impart the lessons over a four-week duration comprising zoom lectures and in-person instructions. The schedules are convenient for candidates involved in full-time jobs.

Good job opportunities

One big draw for switching to the career of a dental assistant is job security and demand. Compared to a whopping 300,000 people working as dental assistants throughout the United States, the opportunities are expected to go up further. It is estimated that dental assistant jobs in the next decade may involve over 600,000 people. So, you get the answers right here. Both specialty and general dentists’ offices require assistants, so there will be opportunities galore.

Boost the earning potential

If your child is not getting the best pay in the current job or struggling to scale up the pay, the dental assistant certification is one way to jump-start the pay. The average pay of an assistant may go up to over $30,000 and may go up further base on the kind of work they handle. Moreover, they may also get health and other benefits. Parents would be happy enough to save money on tuition and then for paying off the loans.

Make the change

The day-to-day life of a dental assistant is satisfactory. They are assigned the role of welcoming the patients and making them feel comfortable. So, if your kid is a go-getter and loves to work in the healthcare industry, motivate them to enroll in a school. It is one of the most dynamic opportunities they may get to work with eminent dental professionals.

Are you still waiting to get your kids enrolled in a certified dental assistant program? Visit us at to find out more about your career choices. Our programs are fast-paced, affordable, and flexible. Once you complete the training, you will be much better prepared to handle the vast range of responsibilities. MDS Dental Assisting Academy has been training students in their dental offices for the last twenty-five years. Call us at 1-888-MDS-4-RDA (637-4732) or email to get your questions answered.

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