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MDS Dental Assisting Academy – One of the Best Dental Assisting School in California

We can claim to be the best dental assisting schools in California. Our academy has been providing quality dental assisting training programs for the past 25 years. We know that there is a need for dental assistants in professional dental clinics. This is why our Dental Assistant Schools California offers job placement service, that is helpful for all our students to get great opportunities. Dental assisting is one of the most demanding jobs which is why when you Google with ‘dental assistant school near me’, there are plenty of opportunities for you to consider. Our school helps students understand modern dental technologies and trains them to understand their roles better. To make their lives easier, we conduct evening zoom classes and weekend clinical classes. This feature makes us stand apart from other schools that offer Dental Assistant Training Programs.

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Our Courses

We as the best dental assistant schools in California offer courses of dental assistant program that are in depth and interactive. Zoom classes are live and help develop the students’ understanding of dental practices. Since they are conducted during real time, students can ask questions, build confidence and comment for better understanding. Then those learned practices are implemented and reinforced during the weekend Clinical Training Courses for the best possible retention. This combination of education will ensure students are prepared to enter the workforce with confidence. We will also help our students prepare for the written RDA Examination on completion of the dental assistant training program.

The RDA Program

The RDA Program

Dental Sciences, Chairside Assisting, Dental Radiology, Laboratory Procedures, Preventative Dentistry, Dental Specialties, Administrative Assisting, Externship with Earned Certifications/Licenses including Coronal Polishing, Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogens, Dental Practise Act, Radiation Safety, Pit and Fissure Sealants, CPR for Healthcare Providers

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The Certificate Program

The Certificate Program

Chairside Assisting, and Earned Certifications/Licenses in Coronal Polishing, Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogens, Dental Practise Act, Radiation Safety, Pit and Fissure Sealants, CPR for Healthcare Providers

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Which Course is Best for me?

We have made the RDA Program very interactive so that it prepares all our dental assisting students with in-depth knowledge about their roles as dental professionals. When a student completes their training at MDS Dental Assisting Academy - best dental assisting schools in California, it enables them to sit for their RDA exams immediately. They get higher pay and great opportunities too.

The Dental Assistant Certification Programs give you a basic knowledge and understanding of chairside assisting, procedures and instruments used in the dental office. You will also earn all of the certifications necessary to begin working as a dental assistant in a dental office in half of the time. After working clinically for one year, you will be able to take your RDA Exam. If you are looking for ‘dental assistant school near me’, we are the smartest choice!

Why Choose us?

  1. Our academy helps students to study in an actual dental office setting with experienced dentists.
  2. Our school offers evening and weekend classes so that no regular life is disrupted.
  3. We also offer third-party finance proceedings(subject to credit approval)
  4. We provide our students with an externship on-site to help them complete their hours for RDA courses.
  5. We have a great job placement cell that offers great opportunities to students after they complete Radiation Safety, Infection Control, CPR, and Dental Practice Act courses.

We have been serving the dental community for the past 35 years with many more successes to come. Click here to know more about the top factors to consider before selecting the Dental program that suits you.


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