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    The Certificate Program

    Certified Dental Assistant Program in California

    Our Dental Assistant Certificate Program gives students a basic idea and understanding about chairside assisting, procedures, and instruments used in professional dental offices. With our dental assistant certification, we also provide students with necessary certifications to begin their professional dental assisting journey, in much less time. After working in clinical settings for a year and getting our credentials, you will be able to sit for the RDA exam.

    The certified dental assistant Program Consists of three Courses, Dental Sciences, Chairside Assisting, followed by the Completion of Dental Assistant Certification requirements.

    Our course in California includes dental Sciences course that will teach students the background of dentistry, how it was founded and the evolution of practices. During this course students will also learn dental terminology, anatomy of the head and neck, sterilization as well as obtain their Infection Control Training.

    After the completion of the course, students get the dental assistant certificate and move forward to the Chairside Assisting Class where they will learn operator positions, four handed dentistry, dental procedures/ set up, and be able to identify instruments.

    Once those two courses are completed, the candidates will be in a fast paced environment focused on obtaining their dental assistant certifications. Once the certifications of the dental assistant requirements in California are complete Graduates can start applying for work in the dental field as a Dental Assistant.

    dental assistant certification

    Why Earn A Dental Assistant Certification?

    Are you keen to assist people to broaden their smiles? A certificate is what you need to work as a certified dental assistant and grow your career in this field. But there are other reasons why making a career in this field provides a host of professional and personal benefits.

    • Dentists will need more dental assistants to assist them in their routine tasks and get time to see more patients and focus complexities of the procedures. Due to the multiple functions that the DAs perform having a certificate boosts their skills and makes them perform their tasks correctly.
    • Research shows that oral health and general health are linked and are likely to increase the demand for preventive dental services.
    • Earning a dental assistant certificate is an achievement to take pride in. It shows that you have learned the skills and gained the knowledge to offer standard care to the patients. The feeling that the patients rely on someone holding a certification makes you more confident while serving them.
    • The dental assistant career knows no limits and is multidirectional. While they work in general dentistry, there are several opportunities for them to work in specialty practices as well. You may find them working in private practices as well as in public health, dental education, and sales. So, the multitude of opportunities requires you to earn dental assistant certification to get the most out of the different career avenues. Reportedly, individuals holding certificates earn higher salaries.
    • Reports reveal that an individual owning a dental assistant certificate earn more per hour than those without certificates. Therefore, it is clear that having a dental assistant certification adds more value to DA career.

    If the dental assistant career is for you, contact us and go on adding the knowledge, skills, and expertise to excel!