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24 May

Dental X-Rays- How Does It Help Contribute to A Healthy Smile?

Imagine this- you follow your oral hygiene routine very diligently. You brush twice a day, floss daily, and abide by all the instructions as stated in your oral hygiene plan.

However, you still see that dental issues are not leaving you behind! Why do you think that happens? And how can you detect the cause of such issues?

This is where dental X-rays come into play! Students pursuing a Dental Assistant Certification course are well-adjusted with dental X-rays and can locate and diagnose your issues in a jiffy! In this blog, we will discuss how dental X-rays can play a major role in achieving a healthy smile!

How a Dental X-Ray Can Help Your Oral Health?

Early detection is a great thing, and it helps in preventing an array of issues, be it dental, or health for that matter!

How dental X-rays work is the interesting part here! Dental X-rays are simply radiographic images of the teeth and the jawbone. These images portray the issues that are happening below the gumline. A dentist can then easily read the image and diagnose what your issue is!

Here’s how Dental X-rays help-

  • Determining Treatment Plans

Dental X-rays help determine and provide information on treatment plans. Whether it is a root canal or the filling up of a cavity, dental X-rays help dentists locate the exact coordinates of the issue to ensure more accurate treatment.

  • Assess Bone Health

Dental X-ray also helps assess the health of your jawbone, which is necessary to detect bone loss in case of gum disease. X-rays help to detect such issues beforehand thereby resulting in an accurate treatment to prevent tooth loss.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Owing to the advancement of technologies in the health sector, dental X-rays are indeed safe! How?

Well, the radiation emitted during this procedure remains minimal. This is because modernized dental offices make use of digital X-rays that significantly reduce radiation exposure from traditional ones!

Moreover, dentists nowadays use thyroid shields to minimize any further potential risks.

Hence, we can clearly state that the benefits of digital dental X-rays are manifold when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Are Dental Assistants Trained To Perform X-rays?

Yes, they do! Although the period of dental assistance program is a four-month course, the students are trained rigorously to handle every intricate sphere of dentistry including X-rays, effectively.

And it’s how we at MDS Dental Assisting Academy train our pupils to let them experience a hands-on approach on the daily work-life of a professional dental assistant. Dr. Sachdev’s training module churns the best out of the students, and they end up being the best at what they do! Furthermore, the course fee that we charge for our Dental Assisting Program in California, includes everything starting from study materials, to uniforms, to the required instruments for the discipline. 

Did you know? Dental assistants contribute largely towards performing dental X-ray procedures. Follow this link to know how.

Wrapping It Up

Not only does a dental X-ray help in diagnosing issues, but it also assists in early detection, prevention, and treatment, thereby helping in maintaining good oral health.

So, if you are going to pursue a dental assistant certificate program, keep in mind that X-rays are going to be a major part of your job!

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