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22 Mar

Discover the Ideal Dental Clinic: Your Guide to Landing the Perfect DA Career

Whether you are trying to find work after school or making a career switch, dental assistants are the oil that makes dental clinics run smoothly. From administrative roles to supporting dentists and helping patients, they are hygiene heroes who do it all. However, how do you choose the right clinic to work for? 

Before you start dropping resumes at different clinics, consider strengthening your profile and fast-track your career with a dental assistant certification from MDS Dental Assisting Academy. We are one of the premier dental assistant schools in California and can arm you with the knowledge along with practical training to help you excel at your job. 

Tips to choose the best dental clinic to work at:

1. Decide on Your Niche

Dental clinics can be divided into various niches. While a general dentistry clinic takes care of the basics with regular dental exams, cleaning sessions, simple cavity repairs, and more, specialized clinics have different roles. 


For instance, cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to enhancing your oral features and usually has stricter hiring requirements. When you complete a certified dental assistant program from our school, you can have an edge over your peers and paint yourself in a more favorable light. Choose the niche you want to excel in before you scrutinize the clinics. 

2. The Clinic Must be Well-equipped

Advanced equipment has a vital role in dental offices and makes treatments more effective, quick, safe, and efficient. Without the right equipment, X-rays, aligner redesign, custom manufacturing, and several kinds of dental surgeries become impossible. 


When you enroll in a dental assistant school near me like MDS Dental Assisting Academy, you get to learn about your supportive role while dentists use those machines and equipment. Poor equipment condition indicates that the clinic isn’t doing well and is probably not a good place to begin your career. 

3. Look At the Compensation

While you don’t need a certification to start your dental assisting journey, getting one helps to increase your pay and move up the career ladder. For instance, on the lower end of the spectrum, unregistered dental assistants who get into entry-level roles earn significantly less compared to RDAs (Registered Dental Assistants). 

dental assistant salary in california

Make sure that the clinic pays fair compensation before you decide to work for them. Learn about our different dental assistant programs and how they can benefit you if you are looking to start your career with higher pay.  

4. Decide On A Location

Finally, the dental clinic should be closer to your location so that you don’t have a difficult time commuting to your work. 

dental assistant in california

Choosing to work for a dental clinic is all about hitting the balance between location, compensation, niche, and equipment quality. When you get into MDS Dental Assisting Academy for an RDA certification near me, you make yourself irresistible to the best clinics around you.

Write to us at to learn about our programs that fuel your career growth and enhance your earning potential. 

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