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16 Dec

Does A Dental Assistant Have A Role To Play In Radiography?

Radiography is one of the vital techniques used in dentistry. The dentist diagnoses the patients based on the X-ray images of the inner part of the mouth. However, it is the responsibility of a dental assistant to prepare the patients for X-rays. So, if you are wondering whether a dental assistant has a role to play in radiography, you have come to the right place. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is where you get a dental assistant certification from one of the top-rated dental assisting institutions. We offer in-depth and interactive dental assistant programs that are flexible yet job-oriented.

How to prepare patients for dental X-rays?

The dental assistant is the touchpoint between the dentists conducting the procedures and the patients. That is why our certified dental assistant program is designed for students in real-time. We allow them to ask questions and address their queries for a better understanding of the kind of work they need to handle. Before the DA takes the patients for X-rays, they need to follow these steps:

■ Checking the X-ray equipment

■ Rechecking the order of the dentist

■ Explaining to the patients the significance of X-rays for dental procedures

■ Prepare them physically before taking the X-rays

■ Checking the X-ray results

The common types of dental X-rays that the DAs need to take are full-mouth X-rays, bitewing X-rays, periapical X-rays, occlusal X-rays, and panoramic X-rays based on the initial diagnosis of the patients.

Educating the patients about X-rays

Chances are that the patients coming to the dentist’s office for the procedures may feel apprehensive about being taken for X-rays. This is where the benefits of becoming a dental assistant in California from our institution lie. We ensure that our students get an opportunity to study in a real-life dental setting.

Checking the patient’s condition

No matter how urgent the radiographic examination for the dental procedure is, the dental assistants need to screen the patients before taking them for taking the X-ray. Often, patients with severe toothache may find it difficult to bite into the film. The RDA programs in California at our end prepare the DAs to handle the responsibilities accurately. In such cases, the assistants may need to wait for the dentist’s instructions before taking the X-ray. However, based on the case, they may also calm the patients when taking X-rays of people in severe pain.

Once the dental assistants take the images, they need to expose them to ensure the dentist’s time and how the patients move into the next step of the treatment procedure. At MDS Dental Assisting Academy, one of the best dental assisting schools in California we prepare the dental assistants of tomorrow. So trust us to invest in your future and reap the returns eventually. 

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