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24 Jul

Intriguing Facts You May Not Know About The Dental Assistant Program

Are you planning to enroll in a dental assistant program in California? Here are the facts you need to know before seeking admission to the certification program.

Dental Assistant
16 Dec

Does A Dental Assistant Have A Role To Play In Radiography?

Radiography is one of the vital techniques used in dentistry. The dentist diagnoses the patients based on the X-ray images of the inner part of the mouth. However, it is the responsibility of a dental assistant to prepare the patients for X-rays. So, if you are wondering whether a dental…

Salary as a Dental Assistant
9 Nov

3 Ways to Grow Your Salary as a Dental Assistant

Just like any other profession, the salary of dental assistants is a hot topic for discussion. To become successful in the professional world, you need to keep up with the latest industry developments and earn a certificate from a reputed institution to stay on top of this profession. If you…

Registered Dental Assistant
10 Oct

What Does A Registered Dental Assistant Do?

Dentists need to hire support staff to treat the patients and for that they hire registered dental assistants for a smooth flow of operations. They have the license and registration needed for the state in which they work. If you are planning to enroll in an RDA program, you have…

Dental Assisting Essentials
9 Sep

Dental Assisting Essentials – 3 Course Programs You Must Know

In the next 10 years, a career in dental assisting is projected to grow by 11 percent in the United States. And if you are considering becoming a Registered Dental Assistant, many dental assisting schools in California offer in-depth training programs. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is one such school where…

Certified Dental Assistant
5 Aug

What It Feels Like to Be a Certified Dental Assistant?

With the job prospects soaring high up and the position slated to grow at 20%, being a dental assistant is one of the most promising paths to choose. While a career comes with stability, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. If this sounds good to you, you are in…

Dental Assistant
15 Jul

A 5-Step Guide on How to Become a Dental Assistant

A dental assistant career is a much sought-after option due to various reasons. The number of aspirants for this career option has been growing rapidly due to high-end research advancements in the field of industry. A surge in preventive dental care services is another reason for a massive growth in…

Dental Assistant
13 Jun

Should You Become a Pediatric Dental Assistant?

Do you fancy the idea of working as a pediatric dental assistant in California? Preschoolers and teenagers often have teething issues and pain due to wrong habits of brushing and eating chunks of chocolates. So, they need to go to the dentist’s office for cleaning, filling, and sealants. If you…

Dental Assistant Program
23 May

Why a Dental Assistant Program Gives You a Rewarding Career Option?

Is your child stuck with an unsatisfying career? Do they feel unhappy about not having any challenges in their job? Are you looking for a program that will leave your kids with strong growth and high job security? If the answer to the above questions is yes, you have come…

Dental Assisting
14 Mar

Flexible and Affordable RDA Programs Available With MDS Dental Assisting Academy

Are you looking for an affordable academy for dental assistants? MDS Dental Assisting Academy is your perfect choice. We have been one of the dental assistant schools in California for the past 28 years. With our extensive training programs, you can become a good fit for any of the top…